The project – Mission

The mission and purpose of this project is: “Making reasonable stock buying a cheerful and rewarding hobby – for me and for you.”

Reasonable stock buying can be a tedious process. Because we want to make the right decisions, getting it right at the first time. We want to buy stocks that perform, stocks that give solid and stable profits in the long run. We want to receive stable and reliable dividend payments. We don’t want to share in companies that are declining, we want to share in companies that are prospering. And, of course, we want to buy these stocks at a fair price.

To master this task I used to choose stocks of companies I already knew. Then, I looked at stock rating key numbers, went through financial figures of the company, read about its future outlook and its industry sector. It was a time-consuming, not standardized process. It really took a lot of time. And during the process, I always had the feeling that I missed something. Probably I had been looking at the wrong stocks? Well, I couldn’t do all these calculations and comparisons for all stocks manually. I realized that I needed assistance.

Unfortunately, available stock screeners didn’t provide the functionalities and freedom I desired. So I took heart, standardized my stock rating process and automated it. My new assistant, “Dr. Stockson”, was born.

The first test runs were very promising. Now, with the help of Dr. Stockson, I was able to perform my stock rating on all US stocks listed in the indices I was interested in. The number based stock rating gave me a quick and comprehensible overview of stocks worth considering. All of a sudden I had time to fully concentrate on the fun part. Dr. Stockson turned my stock buying process into a cheerful and rewarding hobby. And this is what I want to share with you.

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