This is an introductory page. It gives a concise outline of what the project “Dr. Stockson” is about and what to expect from it.

In short, the project “Dr. Stockson” is about making decisions. It is about which stocks to buy to get a solid and performing stock portfolio. It is about rating stocks by applying simple calculus to companies financial key metrics and stock prices.

The applied rating methods stem from the field of “data analytics” and are (not overly) number based. These methods are also known as “scoring methods” and are widely used throughout several industries, e.g. in the financial or insurance sector and in general project management. I like these methods, because they are easy to understand, comprehensible and insightful.

To rate a stock, several financial key metrics are taken from the balance sheet of the company, are evaluated and rated. Also stock price related numbers are calculated to obtain an overall rating of the stock. If you are not intimidated by numbers and easy calculations, this stock rating approach might be right for you.

I designed several stock rating strategies which are applied to US stocks listed in the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100. To automate the rating process I implemented the strategies in computer code. The project has a research and development character. Hence, further insights and improvements beyond the current state are welcome.

My goal is to publish new stock strategy performance evaluations regularly. The project content will grow over time, being updated occasionally.

Sincerely yours,
Tim Szaszi